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The History of Case IH Tractors

In 1842 Jerome Increase Case founded Racine Threshing Machine Works in Wisconsin, and five years later, in 1847, Cyrus McCormick established McCormick Harvesting Machine Company in Chicago. Their individual brands merged in 1901 when three significant enterprises, including McCormick, joined forces to create what would later become a major player in the market – International Harvester (IH). IH quickly achieved immense success by introducing innovative agricultural machinery to the market, such as the iconic Farmall tractor.
The JI Case company rapidly developed its tractor models, earning recognition in 1964 from the Kern County Land Company, among others. A series of transformations and acquisitions by Tenneco led to the establishment of the independent Case IH brand in 1994, accompanied by the introduction of a new black and red color scheme for Case IH tractors.
In the following years, Case IH tractors became increasingly technologically advanced. Groundbreaking solutions were introduced to the market, such as the CVX gearbox and the revolutionary Quadtrac tractor. In 1999, as a result of acquisition by the Fiat Group, Case IH became part of CNH Global. In 2016, Case IH unveiled a cab-less, autonomous tractor, marking the beginning of a new era in autonomous agriculture.
Today, after over 180 years of existence, Case IH is a global leader in the production of advanced agricultural tractors. Models such as Farmall, Magnum, Axial-Flow, Steiger, and Quadtrac not only represent the latest technological advancements but also reflect the passion of Jerome Increase Case and Cyrus McCormick for mechanizing agriculture.

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