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Specs of agricultural tractor Case IH JX 1070U/JX 1080U/JX 1090U/JX 1100U :

Model Case IH JX 1070U Case IH JX 1080U Case IH JX 1090U Case IH JX 1100U
Years of production
Engine model / type
Number of cylinders / turbocharging 4 4 4T 4T
Engine displacement (cm3) 4485 4485 4485 4485
Piston dimension / stroke (mm) 104X132 104×132 104×132 104×132
Maximum engine power (hp) / rpm 72/2500 82/2500 91/2500 100/2500
Torque (Nm) / rpm 280/1400 320/1500 350/1500 370/1500
Number of gears (front + rear) 24+24 24+24 24+24 24+24
Number of synchronized gears (front+rear) 24+24 24+24 24+24 24+24
Type of reverse hydr hydr hydr hydr
Driving speed (km/h) 1,5-40 1,5-40 1,5-40 1,5-40
Max Driving speed (km/h)
Hydraulic pump capacity (L/min) 60 60 60 60
3-Point Hitch control mech/ehr mech/ehr mech/ehr mech/ehr
3-point hitch max load (kg) 4450 4450 4450 5060
PTO speed (rpm) 540/750/1000/1400 540/750/1000/1400 540/750/1000/1400 540/750/1000/1400
Disc brake type (dry / wet)
Type of control of the braking system hydr hydr hydr hydr
Turning radius 2WD (m) 7,54 7,54 7,54 7,54
Turning radius 4WD (m) 7,8 7,8 8,1 8,1
Front wheel 2WD 7,50-16 9,00-16 10,00-16 10,00-16
Front wheel 4WD 11,2R24 13,6R24 13,6R24 14,9R24
Rear wheel 2WD 16,9R30 16,9R34 16,9R34 18,4R34
Rear wheel 4WD 16,9R30 16,9R34 16,9R34 18,4R34
2WD total weight (kg) 3550 3750 3850 3850
4WD total weight (kg) 3850 3980 3980 4030
Total height with cabin (cm) 250 259 259 262
Total length (cm) 391 391 391 391
Total width (cm) 234/231 234/231 234/231 234/231
Fuel tank capacity (l) 105 105 127 127
Cabin sound level (dB) 75,5 75,5 75,5 75,5

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The year is 1842, when Jerome Case establishes the Racine Threshing Machine Works. The first machine produced by Case was a grain thresher. In 1876, the first agricultural tractor with a steam engine is produced. In 1892, the first diesel tractor is developed, but because the world is not ready for this type of innovation, Case decides to postpone the launch for nearly 20 years and so, in 1911, the tractor is introduced. Over the years, Case has become known for producing top quality equipment. In 1984, 94 four-wheel drive tractors were on offer.

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