Lamborghini R3.85 Evo/R3.100 Evo/R3.110 Evo ⚙️ Specs

Specs of agricultural tractor Lamborghini R3.85 Evo/R3.100 Evo/R3.110 Evo :

Model Lamborghini R3.85 Evo Lamborghini R3.100 Evo Lamborghini R3.110 Evo
Years of production
Engine model / type TD2012L04 TCD2012L04 TCD2012L04
Number of cylinders / turbocharging 4T 4TI 4TI
Engine displacement (cm3) 4038 4038 4038
Piston dimension / stroke (mm) 101×126 101×126 101×126
Maximum engine power (hp) / rpm 85/2300 99/2300 109/2100
Torque (Nm) / rpm 320/1400 380/1400 400/1400
Number of gears (front + rear)
Number of synchronized gears (front+rear)
Type of reverse hydr hydr hydr
Driving speed (km/h)
Max Driving speed (km/h) 40 40 40
Hydraulic pump capacity (L/min) 54 54 54
3-Point Hitch control mech mech mech
3-point hitch max load (kg) 4300 5100 5300
PTO speed (rpm) 540/1000 540/1000 540/1000
Disc brake type (dry / wet)
Type of control of the braking system
Turning radius 2WD (m) 6,1 6,1 6,1
Turning radius 4WD (m) 7 7 7
Front wheel 2WD
Front wheel 4WD 12.4R24 14.9R24 14.9R24
Rear wheel 2WD 16.9R30 16.9R34 420/85R34
Rear wheel 4WD 16.9R30 16.9R34 18.4R34
2WD total weight (kg) 3240 3400 3257
4WD total weight (kg) 3700 4050 4100
Total height with cabin (cm) 255 258 258
Total length (cm) 400 408 412
Total width (cm) 222/231 225/234 234
Fuel tank capacity (l) 160 160 160
Cabin sound level (dB) 75 75 75

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The Italian tractor company Lamborghini was founded in 1948 by Ferruccio Lamborghini. As it was a young company in the agricultural tractor market, with no previous history, and the times in which it was founded were not the easiest, it initially had to use materials from war vehicles to produce its first agricultural tractors. Components such as engines from trucks and military vehicles and differentials were implemented. The first tractor, which was designed almost 100% by Lamborghini, was produced in 1952.

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