Bautz T600/T600 S/T604/Commodore ⚙️ Specs

Specs of combine harvester Bautz T600/T600 S/T604/Commodore :

Model Bautz T600 Bautz T600 S Bautz T604 Bautz Commodore
Years of production 1958-72 1964-68 1962-65 1965-69
Engine manufacturer MWM Güldner Güldner Güldner
Engine model / type AKD10D 3L-79 4L-79 4L-79
Engine displacement (cm3) 1506 2356 3140 3140
Number of cylinders / turbocharging 3 3 4 4
Engine rated power (hp) 30 40 52 52
Fuel tank capacity (l)
Type of drive transmission mech mech mech mech
Number of gears (front + rear) 3 3 3 3
Driving speed min-max (km/h) 1,3-13,5 1,3-18,0 1,3-14,0 1,2-18,0
Cutting unit working width (cm) 183 213 263 263
Number of straw walkers 3 3 4 4
Total length (cm) 790 790 730 795
Total width (cm) 258 288 334 335
Width without cutting attachment (cm)
Height without cabin (cm) 249 266/315 267/317 272/322
Total height with cabin (cm)
Weight without cabin (kg) 2260 3155 3640 3700
Weight with cabin (kg)
Grain tank capacity (hl) 18HL 18HL
Front wheel size 11.2/10-24 11.2/10-28 14.9/13-28 14.9/13-28
Rear wheel size 7.00-12 7.00-12 7.00-12 8.50-12

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The company was founded around 1900 as a factory for harvesting machinery. In 1935 the founder Josef Bautz bought an additional hall in Großauheim near Hanau in order to produce agricultural tractors there, but it has been established that only a few prototypes were built. In 1939, the production hall was confiscated and used to manufacture war equipment. Instead, the production of harvesting machinery was allowed to continue in Saulgau. In 1958, Bautz presented the first self-propelled combine harvester, the Bautz T600 model. In 1966, Bautz launched a completely new generation of combine harvesters. The Bautz 1110 and 1111 combine harvesters, which were available in series from 1968, were equipped with four shakers. The last Bautz combine harvester models rolled off the production line in 1972.

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