Specs of Fendt combine harvesters


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The history of Fendt combine harvester

Fendt is a German manufacturer of agricultural machinery primarily known for producing agricultural tractors. However, since 1997, Fendt has also added grain combines to its product lineup. These machines stand out for their simple design and versatility, allowing for the harvesting of various crops, from grains to rapeseed. According to experts, German Fendt combines have been successful in agricultural fields, replacing previous, often worn-out machines. Fendt grain combines incorporate the latest technological innovations from brands such as Laverda, Challenger, and Massey Ferguson. The engines used in Fendt combines also come from various manufacturers. From smaller power units from Iveco to engines from Sisu, and even powerful units from Caterpillar, each model is equipped with a suitable engine tailored to its needs and capabilities, ensuring adequate power and efficiency during harvesting.

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