MDW Arcus / Hemas Farmer 165/180/220 ⚙️ Specs

Technical specification of combine harvester MDW Arcus / Hemas Farmer 165/180/220 :


Model MDW Arcus Hemas Farmer 165 Hemas Farmer 180 Hemas Farmer 220
Years of production 1996-99 2004- 2004- 2004-
Engine manufacturer Volvo Perkins Perkins Perkins
Engine model / type 1231VE 1004 1004 1004
Engine displacement (cm3) 12100 4000 4000 4000
Number of cylinders / turbocharging 6T 4 4 4T
Engine rated power (hp) 425 83 101 132
Fuel tank capacity (l) 650 180 180/200 180/200
Type of drive transmission hydr hydr hydr hydr
Number of gears (front + rear) 2 2 2
Driving speed min-max (km/h) 0-40,0 0-16 0-25 0-25
Cutting unit working width (cm) 720 240 240 300
Number of straw walkers 3 3 4
Total length (cm)
Total width (cm)
Width without cutting attachment (cm) 300
Height without cabin (cm)
Total height with cabin (cm) 399
Weight without cabin (kg)
Weight with cabin (kg) 18450 4700 5100 5800
Grain tank capacity (hl) 120 22 30 35
Front wheel size 14.9R26 420/70R28 480/70R28
Rear wheel size 11.5/80-15,3 11.5/80-15,3 11.5/80-15,3

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Fortschritt – the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the former GDR (German Democratic Republic, DDR). The production of combine harvesters in the GDR was started thanks to the technical assistance of the Soviet Union. The model S-4 was adopted as the basis and the production started in 1948. The combine harvester was equipped with a 4-meter long header and a 6-cylinder gasoline engine. At that time there was no variator in the harvesters. In 1953, the harvester received a diesel engine and was designated E-171. In 1968, the outdated Fortschritt E170 series of harvesters was replaced by a completely new E512 harvester. It differed from its predecessors primarily in size. In 1983, the E512 was replaced by the new E514 model with a 115 hp engine. In 1988, the E 517 harvester appeared. The manufacturer claimed a 30% reduction in grain losses compared to its predecessors.

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