Claas Scorpion 7044, 7045, 7055 ⚙️ Specs

Technical specifications of the telescopic handler Claas Scorpion 7044/7045/7055:


Model Claas Scorpion 7044 Claas Scorpion 7045 Claas Scorpion 7055
Years of production 2013 2007-2014 2013
Engine manufacturer Deutz Deutz Deutz
Engine model / type TCD3,6 TCD2012L4 TCD4,1
Engine rated power (hp) 122KM 140KM 156KM
Type of drive transmission HY HY HY
Driving speed (km/h) 40km/h 40km/h 30km/h
Maximum lifting height (m) 7,02m 7,1m 7,02m
Maximum load capacity (kg) 4300kg 4400kg 5500kg
Total weight 7800kg 8100kg 9200kg
Size of the wheels 460/70-24 460/70-24 460/70-24
Total length (cm) 498cm 476cm 498cm
Total width (cm) 250cm 239cm 250cm
Total height (cm) 249cm 249cm 249cm


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