Refund and Returns Policy

General provisions and contact details

1. The online store is available in the domain and on the relevant subpages after registration and is run by the Seller.
2. In the event of a complaint about a placed Order, please contact the Seller using the following contact details:
– e-mail address:
3. The Customer may communicate with the Seller using an e-mail address.
4. The rules for using and placing Orders, concluding Product Sales Agreements and making complaints within the Store are set out in these Regulations.
5. The Seller provides the Customer or User with the Regulations free of charge before starting to use the Online Store. The Customer may record the content of the Regulations in a convenient way, e.g. by recording on a durable medium or by printing.
6. The condition for using the Store and concluding a Sales Agreement is acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations. By accepting it, the customer agrees to all provisions and undertakes to comply with them.
7. Information about the Products provided on the Store’s website, in particular their descriptions, technical parameters and prices, do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but are only an invitation to conclude a contract.
8. As part of using the Store, it is forbidden to provide unlawful information and, in particular, it is forbidden to:
– sending and placing spam within the Store
– providing and transferring content prohibited by law, in particular as part of the forms available in the Store;
9. It is ordered:
– Using the Store in a manner consistent with the Regulations and the law;
– Using the Store in a way that does not interfere with its functioning;
– Using any content posted on the Store’s subpages only for personal use, in accordance with the license granted (if any).
10. The customer cannot make a purchase anonymously or under a pseudonym or using incorrect personal data.
11. In order to delete the Customer’s account, the Store should be informed in writing or via e-mail about the will to delete it.


The terms used in the Regulations mean:

1. Seller – Andrzej Kuczyński running a business under the name SEO SAJAN Andrzej Kuczyński, at the address Krasne 29, 16-315 Lipsk, NIP: 8461641882 in accordance with the document generated from the Central Register and Information on Business Activity.
2. Customer or User – a natural person, legal person or an organizational unit that is not a legal person, to whom specific provisions grant legal capacity, placing an Order within the Store and making purchases via the Store.
3. Consumer – a natural person concluding a contract with the Seller within the Store, the subject of which is not directly related to its business or professional activity.
4. Entrepreneur with consumer rights – an entrepreneur ordering Products related to his business activity, but not of a professional nature for the entrepreneur.
5. Entrepreneur – a natural person, a legal person and an organizational unit that is not a legal person, to which a separate act grants legal capacity, conducting business activity on its own behalf, which uses the Store.
6. Account – a Customer or User account set up on the Store’s online platform, enabling access to purchased electronic products.
7. Regulations – these Shop Regulations.
8. Online Store or Store – an online store available at and on the relevant subpages through which the Customer can place Orders and purchase specific Products.
9. Product – products purchased or available in the Store. Products are sold for a fee, unless expressly stated otherwise.
10. Electronic product – a product purchased in the Store, available only in the electronic version. Products are sold for a fee, unless expressly stated otherwise.
11. Sales Agreement – a Product sales agreement concluded between the Seller and the Customer via the Store.
12. Consumer Rights Act
13. Civil Code
14. Order – an action, a declaration of the Customer’s will aimed directly at concluding a Product Sales Agreement with the Seller and performance of the service for the Customer, under the conditions set out in these Regulations.
15. Order form – a Store form by means of which the Customer may place an Order and execute the Sales Agreement.
16. Distance contract – a contract concluded with the Customer as part of the Store, without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, with the sole use of one or more means of distance communication, up to and including the time of conclusion of the contract.
17. Payment operator – STRIPE
18. Proof of payment – invoice
19. Payment – payment to the Seller’s account via the online payment methods available in the Store.
20. System – a set of cooperating IT devices and software, ensuring processing and storage, as well as sending and receiving data via telecommunications networks using a terminal device (Internet) appropriate for a given type of network. 21. Working days – days of the week from Monday to Friday, except for public holidays.

Technical requirements

1. The customer may use the available functions of the online store in a manner consistent with the Regulations and applicable regulations and in a way that does not interfere with the functioning of the online store and other customers. 2. To use the Store, including browsing the Store’s assortment and placing orders for Products, you need:
1. access to the Internet from a device that allows it;
2. properly configured, current version of the web browser that supports cookies, e.g. Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome;
3. an active and properly configured e-mail account.

Available products

1. The Seller sells Products, access to which is possible only after registering in the store.
2. Registration in the store and maintenance of the Customer Account is free of charge as part of the price paid for the purchased Product.
3. Products available in the store include: ebooks.
4. Products may also be available on another remote communication platform indicated. If such information appears in its description.

Placing and fulfilling orders

1. After selecting the Product, in order to make a purchase, the Customer should take the next steps in accordance with the messages displayed on the Store’s website.
2. In order to place an Order, it is necessary for the Customer to provide the following data in the forms:
– name and surname and optionally company name,
– address (country, street, building number, apartment number, postal code, city),
– telephone number,
– e-mail address,
– acceptance of the Regulations by ticking the box. Acceptance is necessary to make and finalize the Order.
– consent to the execution of the order by the Store by clicking the “Buy and pay” or “Subscribe and pay” button, which indicates the need to pay for the order.
3. In the process of placing an Order, the Customer is also obliged to choose the form of payment for the ordered Products from those currently available in the Store.
4. Sending the Order by the Customer is a declaration of the Customer’s will to conclude a Sales Agreement with the Seller, in accordance with these regulations.
5. The customer pays by selecting one of the payment methods available in the Store, and then makes the payment.
6. The fact of making a purchase is confirmed by an e-mail sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer in the Order form.
7. The Seller reserves the right not to execute the Order in the event of:
– incorrect/incomplete completion of the Order form (lack of all data needed to complete the Order),
– failure to receive the payment within 7 days of placing the Order (in the case of choosing the option of payment by bank transfer).

Product prices and payment methods

1. The prices of the Products posted on the Store’s website are gross prices and include all taxes required by applicable law (including VAT).
2. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of the Products presented in the Store, introduce new Products, withdraw Products, carry out promotions and give discounts, as well as temporarily offer free Products. The above right does not affect Orders that were placed before the date of entry into force of any of the changes. Details and duration are always included in the description of a given Product.
3. The Customer may choose the following payment methods for the ordered Products:
– by electronic transfer – payable directly to the Seller’s account via the STRIPE system
– by payment card – authorization and processing of personal data takes place through a given bank indicated in the possible options;
4. In the case of electronic payments, the Product will be sent after receiving and posting the transfer to the Seller’s bank account.

Product deliveries

1. Electronic Products will be shipped within 24 hours of accepting the Order for execution.
2. The order will be delivered to the e-mail address indicated in the Order Form.

Services provided electronically

1. Through the Store, the Seller provides electronic services to the Customer.
2. The basic service provided electronically to the Customer by the Seller is to enable the Customer to conclude a contract with the Seller electronically. This service is provided free of charge, as part of the price paid for placing the Order.
3. The Seller takes steps to ensure fully correct functioning. The Customer is entitled to inform the Seller about any irregularities or interruptions in the functioning of the Store.
4. It is forbidden to share Customer Account data with third parties and to set up several Accounts by one User.
5. In the case of Customers who are Consumers, the Seller may terminate the contract for the provision of electronic services and delete the Customer’s account or deprive him of the right to place Orders at any time with a 14-day notice period, preserving the rights acquired by the Customer before the termination of the contract.
6. In the case of Customers who are Consumers, the Seller may terminate the contract for the provision of electronic services and delete the Customer’s account or deprive him of the right to place Orders, with immediate effect, for important reasons, in the event of a significant and gross violation by the Customer of the provisions of these Regulations, i.e. in particular when the Customer uses the Store and the Account in a manner inconsistent with the law or the provisions of the Regulations and contrary to good practice and the purpose of the Account and the Store, in a way that is burdensome for other Customers and for the Seller, copies the Seller’s Products and Services or makes them available to entities third parties without the Seller’s consent, provides the Seller with data inconsistent with the actual legal status, incorrect, inaccurate or infringing the rights of third parties, or violates or attempts to violate the technical security of the Store and the Account in order to obtain unauthorized access to its resources.
7. The parties may also terminate the contract for the provision of electronic services by mutual agreement at any time.
8. The customer may terminate the contract for the provision of electronic services at any time, with a 14-day notice period or immediately for important reasons.


1. The Seller is obliged to deliver the Product free from defects.
2. The Seller is liable to the Customer under the warranty for defects to the extent specified in the Civil Code, if the Product has a physical or legal defect.
3. The complaint should contain data enabling the identification of the Customer (name and surname, correspondence address, e-mail address), the subject of the complaint (e.g. type and date of the defect) and requests related to the complaint. In the event of receiving an incomplete complaint, the Seller will call the Customer to complete it.
4. The complaint should be sent to the Seller’s e-mail address provided in these Regulations.
5. The Seller will respond to the complete complaint within 14 days of receipt of the complaint and inform the Customer about further proceedings to the e-mail address of the complainant.
6. The Seller will process the Customer’s personal data in order to consider the complaint.

Withdrawal from the contract

1. The Buyer who is a Consumer who has concluded a distance contract may withdraw from this contract within 14 days without giving any reason.
2. The deadline for withdrawing from the contract in the case of Services starts from the date of conclusion of the Contract.
3. In the case of e-books delivered electronically immediately after payment, there is no right to withdraw from the purchase contract.
4. A declaration of withdrawal from the contract may be submitted in any form.
5. A declaration of withdrawal from the contract may be submitted, for example:
– in writing to the following address: SEO SAJAN Andrzej Kuczyński, Krasne 29, 16-315 Lipsk.
6. in electronic form via e-mail to the following address:
7. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the contract is considered void.
8. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the Seller shall immediately, not later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Consumer’s declaration of withdrawal from the contract, return all payments received from him. 8. The refund will be made by the Seller using the same method of payment as used by the Consumer, unless the Consumer has expressly agreed to a different method of return, which does not involve any costs for him.
9. Pursuant to the right of withdrawal from a distance contract, the Consumer is not entitled to contracts for the provision of services, if the Seller has fully performed the service with the express consent of the Consumer, who was informed before the commencement of the service that after the performance of the service by the Seller, he will lose the right to withdraw from contract.

Provisions concerning entrepreneurs with consumer rights

1. An entrepreneur with consumer rights is an entrepreneur who makes purchases in the Store that are related to his business activity, but are not of a professional nature for him, resulting in particular from the subject of his business activity on the basis of the provisions on the Central Register and Information on Business Activity, in accordance with art. 38a of the Consumer Rights Act.
2. In relation to the Entrepreneur on Consumer Rights (KPPK), all provisions and rights of these regulations that apply to the Consumer shall apply.

Copyright and related rights

1. When using the Store, each User should respect the applicable provisions on copyright and intellectual property.
2. The content contained in the Store is subject to legal protection. This protection results from generally applicable laws, including:
– the act on copyright and related rights;
– the act on industrial property;
– the act on the protection of databases;
– the Act on Combating Unfair Competition
3. An example of a violation of these provisions would be unauthorized, unlawful, multiplication, public sharing on the web, public reproduction of the above-mentioned content.
4. The mere fact of using the Store does not transfer any rights or licenses to the Users for content covered by legal protection.

Final Provisions

1. Agreements concluded through the Online Store and the services provided are performed in English.
2. The Seller reserves the right to amend the Regulations for important reasons, such as: changes in the law, changes in payment and delivery methods – to the extent that these changes affect the implementation of the provisions of these Regulations, changes in technology, changes in the directions of the Seller’s activities, as well as changes in the offer of Products sold in the Store. The new regulations come into force on the day of publication on the Seller’s online platform on the subpage: Regulations.
3. For contracts concluded before the amendment to the Regulations, the version of the Regulations in force on the date of conclusion of the Agreement shall apply.
4. In the event that any provision of these Regulations turns out to be inconsistent with generally applicable laws and infringing the interests of consumers, the Seller declares the application of the indicated provision.

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