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Service book in the form of a PDF e-book. This service book will contain all the key information about your agricultural tractor, making future servicing and repairs much more straightforward.

Advantages of the electronic version:

– Instant delivery to your designated email upon payment, saving valuable time compared to waiting for a physical copy.
– Ability to store on mobile devices or computers ensures that you always have the necessary information at your fingertips.
– If you prefer a traditional paper version, you have the option to print the e-book.



A high-quality service book in electronic PDF format offers a convenient and modern alternative to the traditional paper version. Upon payment, you will swiftly gain access, eliminating the need to wait for traditional shipping. Additionally, the electronic version can be stored on your smartphone or computer, ensuring you always have it at your fingertips. Consequently, the service book in e-book form becomes an essential tool for effectively servicing and repair your agricultural tractor.

Additional information

Table of Contents

1. Rules for safe operation
2. Preparing tractor for work
3. Procedures performed with the engine turned off
4. Selection of oil viscosity depending on the prevailing temperatures
5. Description of service procedures
6. Maintenance tractor
7. Service repair list


PDF, 18 pages, 148 items

Indicated software

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader

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