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Service book available for download in the form of a PDF e-book. The book will contain all the key information about your agricultural machine, making future servicing and repair much more straightforward.

Advantages of the electronic version:

– Instant delivery upon payment ensures you don’t lose valuable time waiting for a physical copy.
– The option to store it on mobile devices or a computer means you always have the necessary information at your fingertips.
– If you prefer a traditional approach or need a paper copy, you can also print the e-book.



A high-quality service book in electronic PDF format is not only a convenient but also a modern option. After making the payment, you’ll quickly gain access, eliminating the need to wait for a traditional shipment. Additionally, the electronic version can be stored on a smartphone or computer, ensuring you always have it readily available. This way, the service book in e-book format becomes an essential tool for the efficient servicing and repair of your agricultural machinery.

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Page size

A4 / 148 items – 10 pages

Indicated software

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, PDF Adobe Acrobat Reader

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