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Technical Specifications of the Case IH Farmlift 525 Telescopic Handler:

The Case IH Farmlift 525 telescopic handler is a reliable machine produced since 2015. It is equipped with an FPT Tier3b engine with a nominal power of 75 HP, and thanks to the HY transmission, the handler can reach a travel speed of up to 26 km/h. A key advantage of this handler is its ability to lift loads to a height of 5.7 meters. The maximum load capacity is 2500 kg. The total weight of the machine is 5000 kg, which ensures stability during operation. The Case IH Farmlift 525 features 12×18 wheel size, and its overall dimensions are 410 cm in length, 180 cm in width, and 199 cm in height, allowing for easy maneuvering even in tight spaces.


Data sheet for Case IH Farmlift 525, 632, 635 Pro telescopic handlers:

Model Case IH Farmlift 525 Case IH Farmlift 632 Case IH Farmlift 635 Pro
Years of production 2015 2015 2015
Engine manufacturer FPT FPT FPT
Engine model / type Tier3b Tier3b Tier3b
Engine rated power (hp) 75KM 121KM 142KM
Type of drive transmission HY W W
Driving speed (km/h) 26km/h 38km/h 38km/h
Maximum lifting height (m) 5,7m 6,04m 6,04m
Maximum load capacity (kg) 2500kg 3200kg 3500kg
Total weight 5000kg 7760kg 7760kg
Size of the wheels 12×18 460/70R24 460/70R24
Total length (cm) 410cm 498cm 498cm
Total width (cm) 180cm 234cm 234cm
Total height (cm) 199cm 262cm 262cm


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