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Deutz Fahr Agrovector 25.5/26.6/29.6 ⚙️ Specs

Technical specification of telescopic handler Deutz Fahr Agrovector 25.5/26.6/29.6 :


Model Deutz Fahr Agrovector 25.5 Deutz Fahr Agrovector 26.6 Deutz Fahr Agrovector 29.6
Years of production 2013 2007-2010 2010-2015
Engine manufacturer Deutz Deutz Deutz
Engine model / type TD2.9L4 BF4M2012C BF4M2012
Engine rated power (hp) 74KM 101KM 101KM
Type of drive transmission HY HY HY
Driving speed (km/h) 25km/h 32km/h
Maximum lifting height (m) 5,6m 5,8m 5,8m
Maximum load capacity (kg) 2500kg 2600kg 2600kg
Total weight 5000kg 6060kg 6100kg
Size of the wheels 275/80R18 405/70R20 405/70R20
Total length (cm) 370cm 436cm
Total width (cm) 180cm 204cm
Total height (cm) 190cm 218cm

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The German brand was created through the merger of two companies. Deutz, founded in 1864, which was famous for the production of internal combustion engines, and Fahr (1870), which initially produced agricultural tractors and later also added combine harvesters to its range. Today’s Deutz-Fahr ranks high among companies that produce a variety of agricultural machinery including telehandlers.

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