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Model Massey Ferguson 9205 Massey Ferguson 9305 Massey Ferguson 9306 Massey Ferguson 9407 Massey Ferguson 89410
Years of production 2012-2015 2015 2012-2014 2012-2014 2008-2014
Engine manufacturer Kubota Deutz Perkins Perkins Perkins
Engine model / type V3800-DIT TCD3.6L4 1104D-44TA 1104D-44TA 1104D-44TA
Engine rated power (hp) 76KM 100KM 100KM 100KM 100KM
Type of drive transmission HY HY HY HY HY
Driving speed (km/h) 25km/h 30km/h 30km/h 30km/h 20km/h
Maximum lifting height (m) 5,2m 5,8m 6m 7m 10,22m
Maximum load capacity (kg) 2200kg 3000kg 2500kg 3500kg 3500kg
Total weight 4690kg 5800kg 6110kg 7130kg 7200kg
Size of the wheels 325/70-18 405/70-20 400/70-20 400/70-20 400/80-24
Total length (cm) 400cm 425cm 414cm 414cm 507cm
Total width (cm) 184cm 210cm 230cm 230cm 221cm
Total height (cm) 198cm 210cm 237cm 237cm 238cm

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The company Massey Ferguson was created by a merger of two brands, Ferguson and Massey-Harris. Initially, after the merger of the two companies, for six years used a longer company name, and only since 1958 has been shortened to Massey Ferguson. Despite the conflicts between the two companies, today Massey Ferguson is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world.

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