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Technical specification of telescopic handler Weidemann T 4108, T 4512 :

Weidemann T 4108 (2009) is a compact telescopic loader with HY drive, powered by a Yanmar 3TNV76 engine with a power of 26 HP. It has a driving speed of 17 km/h, a maximum lifting height of 4.73 m, and a maximum load capacity of 800 kg. The total weight is 2270 kg, and its compact dimensions (355 cm x 141 cm x 190 cm) make it ideal for work in confined spaces. Weidemann T 4512 (2009) is another model in this series, powered by a Yanmar 3TNV82ATier3a engine with a power of 31 HP. It features a hydraulic HY drive, reaching a driving speed of up to 20 km/h. The maximum lifting height is 4.14 m, and the maximum load capacity is 1200 kg. The total weight of this model is 2700 kg. Its dimensions (388 cm x 156 cm x 196 cm) and wheel size (10.0/75-15.3) make it a robust choice for various applications in agriculture or construction.

Data Sheet of telescopic handler Weidemann T 4108, T 4512 :

Model Weidemann T 4108 Weidemann T 4512
Years of production 2009 2009
Engine manufacturer Yanmar Yanmar
Engine model / type 3TNV76 3TNV82ATier3a
Engine rated power (hp) 26 31
Type of drive transmission HY HY
Driving speed (km/h) 17 20
Maximum lifting height (m) 4,73 4,14
Maximum load capacity (kg) 800 1200
Total weight 2270 2700
Size of the wheels
Total length (cm) 355 388
Total width (cm) 141 156
Total height (cm) 190 196

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