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FiatAgri Laverda 184 AL/255 AL ⚙️ Specs

Technical specification of combine harvester FiatAgri Laverda 184 AL/255 AL :


Model FiatAgri Laverda 184 AL FiatAgri Laverda 255 AL
Years of production
Engine manufacturer Iveco Iveco
Engine model / type NEF NEF
Engine displacement (cm3) 5861 5861
Number of cylinders / turbocharging 6T 6T
Engine rated power (hp) 180 255
Fuel tank capacity (l) 450 450
Type of drive transmission hydr hydr
Number of gears (front + rear) 3 4
Driving speed min-max (km/h)
Cutting unit working width (cm) 480 540
Number of straw walkers 4 5
Total length (cm)
Total width (cm)
Width without cutting attachment (cm) 330
Height without cabin (cm)
Total height with cabin (cm) 395 395
Weight without cabin (kg)
Weight with cabin (kg)
Grain tank capacity (hl) 52 58
Front wheel size 620/75R26 620/75R26
Rear wheel size 12.5/80-18 16.0/70-20

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Laverda is an Italian combine harvester manufacturer based in Breganze. The company was founded by Petro Laverda in 1873. The first Laverda self-propelled combine harvester was produced in 1956. In the early 1980s Laverda established a partnership with FiatAgri that lasted more than 20 years.

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