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Claas Ranger 974 PLUS/975/975 PLUS ⚙️ Specs

Technical specification of telescopic handler Claas Ranger 974 PLUS/975/975 PLUS :


Model Claas Ranger 974 PLUS Claas Ranger 975 Claas Ranger 975 PLUS
Years of production 1999-2001 1998-1999 1999-2001
Engine manufacturer Perkins Perkins Perkins
Engine model / type 1004.40T 1004.4T 1004.40T
Engine rated power (hp) 107KM 107KM 107KM
Type of drive transmission W
Driving speed (km/h)
Maximum lifting height (m) 6,2m 7m 7m
Maximum load capacity (kg) 3600kg 3000kg 3300kg
Total weight 7500kg 7500kg 7500kg
Size of the wheels 15,5×24 15,5×24 15,5×24
Total length (cm)
Total width (cm)
Total height (cm)

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The Claas company was founded in 1913 by August Claas. The German agricultural machinery manufacturer initially focused on manufacturing combine harvesters. In 2004, it bought out the French tractor company Renault and expanded its product range to include these agricultural machines. Claas now also manufactures telehandlers, balers, mowers and many other agricultural machines.

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