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Specs of telescopic handler JCB 537-120/537-130/537-135/540-140/540-170 :

Model JCB 537-120 JCB 537-130 JCB 537-135 JCB 540-140 JCB 540-170
Years of production 1996-1997 1996-1997 1997-2004 2004-2008 2001-2004
Engine manufacturer Perkins Perkins Perkins Perkins Perkins
Engine model / type 1004 1004T 1004T 1104T 1004T
Engine rated power (hp) 107KM 107KM 103KM 103KM 103KM
Type of drive transmission W W W W W
Driving speed (km/h) 32km/h 30km/h
Maximum lifting height (m) 12m 13m 13,5m 14m 16,7m
Maximum load capacity (kg) 3700kg 3700kg 3700kg 4000kg 4000kg
Total weight 10610kg 11000kg 10340kg 10860kg 12200kg
Size of the wheels 15,5/80-25 15,5/80-25 15,5/80-25 15,5/80-25 15,5/80-25
Total length (cm) 625cm 636cm
Total width (cm) 235cm 244cm
Total height (cm) 259cm 269cm

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The English company JCB was founded in 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford. The brand is known for the production of JCB Fastrac high-speed farm tractors, which began production in 1990. These tractors allowed them to move at speeds of up to 75km/h. JCB also manufactures telehandlers for the agricultural industry, as well as backhoe loaders for the construction industry.

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