New Holland CR9060, CR9070, CR9080, CR9090 ⚙️ Specs

Technical specifications of the combine harvester New Holland CR9060/CR9070/CR9080/CR9090 :


Model New Holland CR9060 New Holland CR9070 New Holland CR9080 New Holland CR9090
Years of production
Engine manufacturer Iveco Iveco Iveco Iveco
Engine model / type Cursor 9 Cursor 10 Cursor 13 Cursor 13TCD
Engine displacement (cm3) 8700 10300 12880 12880
Number of cylinders / turbocharging 6 TI 6 TI 6 TI 6 TI
Engine rated power (hp) 422 459 530 591
Fuel tank capacity (l) 750 750 1000 1000
Type of drive transmission hydr hydr hydr hydr
Number of gears (front + rear) 4 4 4 4
Driving speed min-max (km/h) 0-30 0-30 0-30 0-30


Cutting unit working width (cm) 610 731 731 731
Number of straw walkers
Total length (cm) 997 997 997 997
Total width (cm) 654 654 777 777
Width without cutting attachment (cm) 330 330 370 370
Height without cabin (cm)
Total height with cabin (cm) 396 396 396 396
Weight without cabin (kg)
Weight with cabin (kg)
Grain tank capacity (hl) 90 90 105 105
Front wheel size 710/70R42 710/70R42 800/65R32 800/65R32
Rear wheel size 480/70R30 480/70R30 540/65R30 540/65R30


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