Specs of Bobcat telescopic handlers


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The history of Bobcat telescopic loaders

The brand Bobcat is primarily known for producing compact construction machinery, including telescopic loaders. The history of the brand dates back to 1947 when Eugene Dahl founded the Melroe Manufacturing Company on a farm in Gwinner. Initially, the company specialized only in the production of grain elevators. In 1958, brothers Melroe Louis and Cyril developed the first grain loader, which they named Bobcat. In 1962, the company changed its name to Bobcat Company, and the Bobcat loader became very popular due to its compact and simple design, as well as high efficiency. In 1969, the brand was acquired by Ingersoll-Rand, which contributed to increased financial capabilities. The company introduced many innovative solutions, such as joystick control systems and articulated suspension. In 2007, the South Korean conglomerate Doosan Group acquired the Bobcat Company, allowing for further development and access to new markets.

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