Bobcat T 2250/T 2556/T 2566 ⚙️ Specs

Specs of telescopic handler Bobcat T 2250/T 2556/T 2566 :

Model Bobcat T 2250 Bobcat T 2556 Bobcat T 2566
Years of production 2007-2015 200-2003 200-2003
Engine manufacturer Kubota Perkins Perkins
Engine model / type V3300 1004.42 1004.42
Engine rated power (hp) 76KM 81KM 81KM
Type of drive transmission HY HY HY
Driving speed (km/h) 25km/h 30km/h 30km/h
Maximum lifting height (m) 5,25m 5,56m 6,45m
Maximum load capacity (kg) 2200kg 2500kg 2500kg
Total weight 4560kg 4920kg 4990kg
Size of the wheels 14×17,5 400/70R20 400/70R20
Total length (cm) 414cm 440cm 490cm
Total width (cm) 184cm 198cm 198cm
Total height (cm) 218cm 209cm 209cm

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Bobcat is an American manufacturer of agricultural and construction machinery and currently belongs to the Doosan Group in South Korea. The American headquarters of the company are located in West Fargo (North Dakota). The origins of the company can be traced back to the early post-war years, in 1947 to be precise, where two Keller brothers set up a mechanical workshop in the state of Minnesota. The first Bobcat telehandler left the plant 10 years later, which bravely served local farmers. The first telehandlers under the actual name Bobcat began to be sold in 1962. Bobcat telehandlers are characterised by their small size and exceptional manoeuvrability, which is appreciated by farmers all over the world.

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