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History of Fiat Agri Tractors

Fiat Trattori SpA, a part of the Fiat Group since 1919, was engaged in the production of agricultural tractors under the Fiat Agri brand. Throughout its history, the company was one of the leading tractor manufacturers in the global market. The history of Fiat Trattori dates back to 1918 when the first Fiat 702 tractor with a power of 30 HP was introduced. Subsequent models such as 702A, B, and BN, followed by 703B and 703BN, were produced until 1925, totaling 2000 units. By 1929, sales had increased to 1000 tractors annually. In 1932, the company introduced the first tracked agricultural tractor, the Fiat 700C, and moved production to Modena, where Officine Costruzioni Industriali (OCI) was established. In the 1960s, the “Nastro d’Oro” series was introduced, achieving both technological and sales success.
In 1975, Fiat Trattori acquired a 20% stake in Laverda SpA, specializing in the production of grain harvesters. In subsequent years, Fiat introduced new tractor models, such as the Fiat 980, Fiat 1180, Fiat 1280, Fiat 1380, Fiat 1580, and Fiat 1880, featuring innovative solutions, one of which was a cabin designed by Pininfarina. In the 1970s, Fiat began collaborating with the American company Versatile, resulting in a series of high-power tractors under the Fiat-Versatile brand, sold in Europe as Fiat and in North America under the Versatile brand. In 1977, Fiat’s production exceeded 1,200,000 tractors.
In 1981, Fiat acquired Laverda SpA, which became part of Fiat Trattori. In 1982, the 66 series was introduced, consisting of models with a power range from 45 to 80 HP, known as tractors for use on small and medium-sized farms. In 1977, Fiat acquired Hesston, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, and Braud, a manufacturer of grape harvesters. Fiat Trattori changed its name to Fiatagri, and the color scheme of tractors changed from orange to burgundy. In 1984, Fiatagri introduced the 90 series, which included various models with a power range from 55 to 180 HP. This series was also available under the Agrifull and Ford brands, and later as New Holland until 2003. In 1986, part of Fiatagri’s production was relocated to Jesi.
In the 1990s, the “Winner” series was introduced, followed by the “G” series for large farms. In 1993, Fiatagri was acquired by New Holland Inc., which ultimately led to the disappearance of the Fiatagri and Ford brands in favor of the New Holland brand.

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