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The history of Massey Ferguson combine harvester

Massey Ferguson, as one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery worldwide, has a rich history of producing grain combines. The origins of Massey Ferguson trace back to the 1930s when Daniel Massey, the son of one of the founders of Massey-Harris, began developing an efficient method of harvesting grain. As a result of these efforts, the first grain combines bearing the Massey-Harris brand were created, later developed by Massey Ferguson. After the merger of Massey-Harris with Ferguson Tractor Company in 1953, the brand became a pioneer in the production of modern grain combines. With technological advancements, Massey Ferguson grain combines have been equipped with advanced control systems, enabling precise management of the harvesting process. These technologies include crop quality monitoring systems, automatic machine settings control, and integration with GPS systems, allowing for performance optimization and minimizing losses.

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