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The History of Claas Tractors

The year 2007 marked a turning point for Claas as it publicly introduced the Claas XERION 2000 tractor for the first time. It was a highly modern tractor for its time due to its cab, which could be adjusted in three different positions, and the continuously variable HM-8 gearbox developed by Claas ensured efficient tractor operation.
In the following years, Claas expanded its range of tractor models. The most significant increase in machines came after the majority stake acquisition of Renault Agriculture in 2008. The former Renault factory in Le Mans produced the first green Claas tractors, including the CELTIS, ARES, ATLES, and XERION series. This expanded the range of tractors in various power ranges, satisfying the needs of farmers.
In 2010, the new XERION 3300 was introduced to the market, offered in three different versions: XERION TRAC with a power of 335 HP, XERION TRAC VC with a rotating cabin, and XERION SADDLE TRAC with a cabin positioned above the engine, allowing for trailer attachment.
In 2011, the Claas AXION joined the tractor family. This model offered power ranging from 163 to 260 HP. The Claas Axion was designed with high comfort, ease of use, low fuel consumption, and high reliability in mind. The introduction of the six-cylinder DPS 6.8L engine meeting TIER 3a emission standards was another step towards being more eco-friendly.
In 2013, at the Agritechnica trade fair, Claas introduced the new ARION 500 and 600 series, including models with power ranging from 112 to 155 HP. The ARION 540 and ARION 640 models were equipped with the Boost Claas Power Management system, providing an additional 20 HP, and the automation of gear changes in the HEXASHIFT transmission increased operating convenience.
In 2016, the XERION 3800 was introduced, equipped with the new Claas Sequence Management automatics, GPS steering system, and ISOBUS connection, making it one of the most advanced tractors on the market.
In the following years, new models such as the ARION 400, AXION 900, and ARION 500/600 were introduced, showing that Claas continually strives to introduce increasingly modern models to meet the diverse needs of farmers worldwide. Breaking the 500 HP barrier with the XERION 5000 and 4500 models was further confirmation of this trend. The introduction of the AXION 800 tractor with a Stage IV engine indicates that the company not only follows ecological trends but also strives to be a leader in technical innovations.

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