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The History of David Brown Tractors

The history of the David Brown brand dates back to 1860 when the founder, David Brown, started his business. Initially, he focused on manufacturing simple metal products, and it wasn’t until 1873 that the company introduced high-quality gears into its product range.
In 1902, David Brown relocated his company to Park Works in Huddersfield, a move that proved to be very successful and marked the beginning of a long history of the company’s operations in that location.
After David Brown’s death in 1903, his sons Percy and Frank took over the business, renaming it David Brown & Sons. They diversified the production into various metal products, including gears, transmissions, and tools, which had already been produced by their father. Between 1908 and 1915, the company even ventured into car manufacturing.
During World War I, the company shifted its focus to producing drivetrain components for the military, which significantly contributed to its position as a world leader in worm gear production. In the 1930s, David Brown & Sons acquired PR Jackson, further expanding its product range.
Following the collaboration with Harry Ferguson, the company decided to enter the agricultural tractor market. The result of this partnership was the Ferguson-Brown tractor, which set new standards in agricultural mechanization.
Despite ongoing disputes with Ferguson, David Brown continued to manufacture agricultural tractors, introducing their own version of the tractor called the VAK1, which gained recognition worldwide.
During World War II, the company continued producing tractors and other vehicles, such as the VIG series aircraft tugs for the Royal Air Force. After the war, David Brown became one of the leading tractor manufacturers in Britain, with its products praised for their reliability and durability.

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