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The History of Zetor Tractors

The history of Zetor, a Czech company with over 75 years of experience, began shortly after World War II, when on March 15, 1946, the first tractor of this brand, the Z25 model, was born. Five months later, the Czechoslovak Chamber of Commerce officially approved the Zetor trademark. In the brand name, “Z” symbolizes Zbrojovka, the production facility in Brno, Czech Republic, while “tr” refers to the last letters of the word “traktor.” The market quickly accepted the new brand – already in 1947, over 3500 Zetor tractors were delivered to customers in Poland, Denmark, Belgium, and Ireland. The Zetor 15 model, equipped with a single-cylinder 15 HP diesel engine, became popular in the years 1947-1949. With growing demand, Zetor opened a development department in 1954 to meet the increasingly modern market requirements. The first innovation among Zetor tractors was the 1956 Super P model, which was the first in the world to use the same parts in different models, speeding up production and service. The 1960s brought further models, such as the Zetor 3011, 2011, and 4011, as well as cooperation with the Polish company Ursus, which resulted in the Ursus C-4011 model produced until 1992. From 1966 to 1976, Zetor introduced larger tractors, ranging from 80 to 160 HP. The 8011 model from the UR II series won numerous awards for its innovative technologies. In 1975, the first 6-cylinder model appeared – the 12011. In the following decade, the name “Zetor” became known worldwide, continuing the production of the UR II series and modernizing the older UR I series. From 1976 to 1992, Zetor introduced the UR III series to meet the growing demand for powerful tractors. In 1992, an improved version from this series appeared – the Zetor Major. The UR I series was also modernized, and older models were replaced with new Proxima tractors in 2004. The UR II series was refreshed and introduced to the market as the Zetor Forterra in 1998. In 2010, the Forterra series was enriched with the 135 model, equipped with a Z 1605 engine with 136 HP. Further innovations include the HitchTronic automatic rear three-point suspension adjustment system. In recent years, Zetor’s offering has been expanded, attracting new customers looking for tractors up to 170 HP.

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