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The History of Landini Tractors

Since its establishment in 1884 by Giovanni Landini in Fabbrico (RE), the company bearing the same name has been a pioneer of innovation in the agricultural machinery market. Starting from the production of winemaking equipment, through internal combustion engines, to the first agricultural tractor in history, Landini has consistently raised the bar in the industry. In 1925, the groundbreaking Landini 25/30 HP tractor was produced, setting standards for future tractors. Then, in the mid-1930s, the company expanded its range to include a series of 40 and 50 HP tractors. Landini continued its technical innovation by introducing the Landinetta in 1956, a specialized orchard tractor, and signing an agreement for the production of diesel engines with Perkins Engines. In 1959, the company became part of the Massey Ferguson conglomerate, leading to further successes, including the production of track tractors, which remain a market leader to this day. Landini continued to develop by introducing the “Large” series in 1977, the first European tractors with over 100 HP. The subsequent years brought new series such as Frutteto and Vigneto, as well as significant investments after being acquired by the Morra family in 1994. In the following decades, the company continued to modernize its lineup by introducing a new series of tractors with various power levels to meet the growing market demands. In 2014, Landini celebrated its 130th anniversary by presenting the new generation of Series 7 tractors, and in 2020, it introduced the Series 7 with Stage V engines and a completely new design, continuing its tradition of innovation and excellence in agricultural mechanization.

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